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Traumatherapist / NIP Psychologist  - Langweer - Marije
Psychologist Langweer - Friesland
Efterom 16
8525EJ Langweer
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Marije | Traumatherapist / NIP Psychologist

Psychologist Langweer - Friesland

My name is Marije.
I'm a Traumatherapist / NIP Psychologist .

After my  clinical psychology studies i searched for an integration of psychology and spirituality, as I felt that the usual methods of psychotherapy often are treating symptoms instead of the sources of their arising.

Nowadays I use a combination of mindfulness/presence and body-centered awareness as my main method of therapy/healing. With this method  many symptoms or 'complaints' can be healed and it offers also a different and much more loving way of being with our self and our shadowsides.   

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Online therapy

For online therapy I use Zoom. i send you the link of my own oom room. You can log in either from your computer or your phone. Using a computer, you do not have to download anything, just using the link works. On your phone you need to download the free Zoom program. You do not need to have a zoom account. 

Using Zoom we start with a short and simple relational awareness practice in order to create on Zoom as much connection and intimacy as if we would meet in person.

Qualifications and registrations

Clinical Psychology, University of Groningen, The Netherlands, 1989.

Registered as NIP ( Netherlands Institute  of Psychologists, which has a code of conduct which guarantees profesionality and confidentiality) since 1995.  

From 1995 until 2015 I worked as a career counselor/ management coach and diagnostic psychologist, partly in my own practice and partly at Carriere Switch, a Dutch organisation specialised in Career Counseling and Outplacement. 
During that time I started for my own personal development to follow courses about spirituality and working with dreams. I delved into the work of Carl Jung, did many silent meditation retreats ( Vipassana, with Adyashanti and with Thomas Hubl). 
Since 2008 I followed many courses with Thomas Hubl, a spiritual teacher who specialises in collective traama. I am a member of his assistants team of psychotherapists.

Since 2020 I fully dedicate my time in my own private psychotherapy practice to working with peopl on the edge of psychology, transpersonal  psychology and spirituality.

I offer therapy in


I offer therapy for personal trauma, including ancestral trauma and collective forms of trauma in one to one sessions. We either use the wisdom of the body for healing or the wisdom of our dreams. Both the body and our dreams offer entrances into the subconscious layers.

My specialsations are;
- burn-out therapy
-  mourning/ loss therapy
- existantial life questions about purpose and meaning. If it is helpful and appreciated I also offer a soul reading for these kind of questions.  
- High Sensitivity
- Past traumatic experiences

Most common issues I support people with:

- Feeling and processing emotions
- Integrating old and new emotional pain
- Loss of energy due to psychological patterns whoch are not supportive
- High Sensitivity
- Spiritual experiences


Therapy sesiions take an hour. It costs  € 95,- per hour.

Availability (Opening hours)

Monday 9.00-17.00
Tuesday 9.00-17.00
Wednesday 9.00-17.00
Thursday 9.00-17.00
Friday 9.00-17.00
Saturday -
Sunday -


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