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You're looking for an English speaking (expat) psychologist or therapist in the Almere region. The psychologists and therapists of Therapycounselling Almere are experienced in working with clients on a wide range of issues.

We see clients with issues such as anxiety, burnout, cultural problems, depression, grief, relationship issues, stress and trauma.

We've already helped many clients in the Almere region.

(Expat) Psychologists and therapists in Almere

(4 KM)
Rabia | Coach, counselor and integrative therapist | Almere (4 KM)
Therapist Almere, Randstad 22-163, 1316BM, Almere
✓ I also offer online therapy

Hello, my name is Rabia. In my private practice in Almere city I guide people in a personal and professional way in tackling and solving their psychological and emotional problems.

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(5 KM)
Peter | psychosocial psychologist, Journey Practitioner, PSYCH-K facilitator | Almere (5 KM)
Therapy & Couples Therapy Almere, Walvisplein 79 79, 1317JZ, Almere
✓ I also offer online therapy

Psychosocial therapist, Accredited Journey Practitioner, PSYCH-K facilitator with a focus on liberation from limiting patterns, trauma healing and high sensitivity. Both individually and relationship, live and online.

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(Expat) Psychologists and therapists between 1 and 20 km from Almere

(11 KM)
Loes | Integrative Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Counselling | Laren (11 KM)
Psychotherapy Laren, Ericaweg 46, 1251 WN, Laren
✓ I also offer online therapy

We all run into problems every day. Some are easier to resolve or deal with than others, but no matter where an experience is on the continuum from mildly problematic to traumatic, there is a way back to regulation if we understand how the nervous system works. As we learn to become friends with our nervous system and anchor ourselves in a safe state of the autonomic nervous system, the inevitable challenges in our daily lives are no longer nearly as terrifying. We discover we can recover even from traumatic events.

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(Expat) Psychologists and therapists between 20 and 30 km from Almere

(22 KM)
Ghislaine | Integrative hypnotherapist and psychosocial therapist | Amsterdam (22 KM)
Hypnotherapy, EMDR Therapy & CBT Amsterdam, Middenweg 335, 1098 VC, Amsterdam
✓ I also offer online therapy

Are you looking to improve your self-esteem, reduce anxiety and stress? And are you looking to have a healthier lifestyle, be happier in your own skin and overcome emotional and psychological traumas? Or are you experiencing challenges at work or in your relationships that you would like to overcome?

I offer integrative hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, psychosocial therapy, EMDR and EFT to help you improve your quality of life.

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(23 KM)
Wei Ting | Hypnotherapist, Integrative counselor & Coach | Amsterdam (23 KM)
Therapy Amsterdam, Domselaerstraat 110, 1093 MA, Amsterdam
✓ I also offer online therapy

Explore your way into recognising and breaking patterns, dismantle blockages and work through themes such as stress, insecurity, doubt, setting boundaries and confidence. Connect to your feelings and intuition and discover how you can convert this into actions towards reaching your personal goals.

I offer tailored support which, among other things, consists of: Integrative therapy, Hypnotherapy, EMDR, Systemic work and Mindfulness.

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(23 KM)
Anne | Counselor and therapist | Amersfoort (23 KM)
Therapist Amersfoort, Muurhuizen 30, 3811EJ, Amersfoort
✓ I also offer online therapy

You take the biggest steps in life when you feel it's a necessity. You get stuck, something impactful happens to you or you end up in a crisis for some other reason. Or you've been struggling for a while and end up thinking: this is it, something needs to change. Could you use some help in finding your way forward? Feel free to contact me!

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Online counselling and online therapy

(0 KM)
Felicia | Psychologist NIP | Netherlands (0 KM)
Online Psychologist
✓ I also offer online therapy

Online Psychological treatment for people who use alcohol and/or other substances, gamble or suffer from binge eating, regardless of whether they want to change their use/behaviour. Treatment or coaching for AD(H)D.

Help with depression, anxiety, ADHD, communication, life changes, loneliness, self-confidence and much more with an open exploration of the role, pros and cons of your substance use and/or gambling or eating behaviour on these problems and on your life in a broader sense.
Or help with your use/behaviour itself.

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Frequently asked questions

With what kind of issues can I contact a counsellor or therapist?
Counselling and therapy can help with a lot of issues. From common issues such as addiction, anger management, anxiety, grief, burnout, depression, low self esteem, ptsd, relationship problems, stress and trauma to any of the many other issues we see daily in our practice.
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Can I get online counselling?
Yes, a lot of our counsellors also offer online counselling and online therapy.
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I'm looking for an English speaking therapist or psychologist. is a network of English speaking (expat) therapists, psychologists, counsellors and life coaches in The Netherlands.
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