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Psychosocial therapist | Coach - Hoofddorp - Gerda
Therapist Hoofddorp
Colonnade 97
2134 AJ Hoofddorp
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Gerda | Psychosocial therapist | Coach

Therapist Hoofddorp

My name is Gerda and I'm fascinated in the cooperation between body and mind for years. Because everyone is different, I work with the methods most suitable for you.

Are you too much in your mind and thinking, I will teach you how to listen to the language of your body.

When you are overcome by feelings, I will learn how you can gain more access to your thinking.

You will experience that you have more options than you previously thought.

Have you come to a point where you feel that “doing what you always did” no longer works? For example in contact with your partner, parents, children or colleagues? Or is this the moment that you want to take a step in your personal development? Perhaps due to a concrete cause such as a loss, broken relationship, problems at work, illness or a (near) burnout. Or simply because you would like a new insight about yourself.

You can feel helped by a number of sessions with me to become aware of what is going on, to regain a view of new possibilities and to be able to continue from your own strength and feel able to make the right decision. In this way, you pick up the thread again and we work towards the goal of bringing the change you want in your life and to come into contact with your life energy

In our first meeting, we will investigate what your question is. Based on this, you set your goal. After this first meeting, it is also clear whether we can work together and you know whether my methods appeal to you.
Samen met jou zoek ik hoe we jouw kracht kunnen terugvinden waarbij mijn uitgangspunt is dat geest en lichaam een onlosmakelijke geheel zijn en dat jij als mens niet los gezien kunt worden van de mensen om je heen, je gezin, je vrienden en je werk. 

A quit and safe place

I would like to create a quiet and safe place where you feel welcomed and invited to reflect, in other words, to make the journey “inwards”. A place where everything is allowed to be. This way you can feel the freedom to investigate, discover and recognize what you encounter.

From there you can stop fighting stubborn patterns but see their value and accept it. It becomes visible how you can give a different reaction to what is going on in your life.

It takes courage to let yourself be guided. Courage to be honest and to get to know yourself better because that can be confronting and painful. After which there is often space and relief, and you will feel life flowing again.

The combination of my qualities, analytical and empathetic at the same time, support the process where clients feel safe so we can address the issue quit fast. 
Feel welcome!

Curious to know more? Or would you like to make an appointment? Please contact me. 

Warm regards, Gerda

Qualifications and registrations

Phoenix Opleidingen:

- Professional Communication

- Mastery in individual guidance  (Craft of the heart)

- Systemic work – (family) constellation

- De Maskermaker (Mask Maker)


Hypnose Instituut Nederland:
- Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner

Bodymind Opleidingen: 

- Advanced training systemic work (family) constellation in individual guidance

Psychosocial Basisknowledge according to Plato norm

Sonnevelt Opleidingen: 
- Footreflex therapy

RSM - Erasmus University:
- Business Administration for HR Professionals


AGB Personal: 94107519 
AGB Practice: 94065720 
RBCZ Registration: 200641R

I offer therapy in


  • Dealing with feelings of fear, pain, insecurity, sadness

  • Finding a balance in work and private life

  • Stress & Burnout
  • Take back your own responsibility, experience your strength

  • Investigate anger, resentment, frustration, hatred

  • Investigate chronic complaints, addictions

  • Lethargy, fatigue, agitation, restlessness

  • The feeling of no control over your own life

  • Want to learn to express yourself

  • Insight into (family) dynamics

Most common issues I support people with:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress & Burnout
  • Self confidence
  • Grief and loss
  • Purpose of life


  • Acquaintance by phone: 20 minutes for free
  • Therapy: 90.00 Euro per session exempt from VAT
  • Hypnotherapie: € 130,00 per session exempt from VAT
  • Coaching: 90.00 Euro per session excluding VAT
  • Business: on request
  • Evening: 110.00 Euro per session excluding VAT - on request
A session lasts about an hour, hypnotherapy lasts about 90 minutes.

As a member of NVPA, therapeutic sessions can be (partially) reimbursed by health insurers if you have additional insurance. The differences between insurers can vary, so always check with your health insurer whether and how much reimbursement you can get. My AGB codes are:
  • AGB Personal: 94107519 
  • AGB Practice: 94065720 
  • RBCZ registration: 200641R

Availability (Opening hours)

Monday on request
Tuesday on request
Wednesday 9:00 - 18:00
Thursday 9:00 - 21:00
Friday 9:00 - 18:00
Saturday on request
Sunday -


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