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Hypnotherapist  - Arnhem - Claudie
Therapy Arnhem
Hellevoetsluisstraat 25
6843 HP Arnhem
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Therapy Arnhem

Interested in hypnotherapy or psychosocial therapy? As a 20+ years experienced hypnotherapist I welcome you in my practice in Arnhem or online.


The first and most important step in finding a good therapist is to experience that you are safe. We will work on the subjects that you choose, at your moment and in your pace. No forcing, stretching, or suffering, but a light, gentle, respectful, and very effective approach.


Sessions are available with or without hypnosis - you can choose - and in Arnhem or online.

Therapy does not have to be hard or painful. The last 20+ years I have been helping many hundreds of people to reach their goals in a gentle and caring way. 

Step-by-step we will build on your self-confidence, compassion, and core self. Every session again we will decide what is the best next step on that moment. No protocols - you are unique and so is the way you will achieve your goal - but lots of experience, based on a strong therapeutic knowledge and competence. Together we will discover your personal way to make it all happen.


Since 2016 I am passing professional psychological and hypnotherapeutical skills on to a new generation of therapists. I have been teaching amongst others hypnotherapy, psychosocial therapy, NLP, and the Uni-Lateral Improvement of Relationships for 8 years now. I love to teach students to become excellent therapists or counselors, but still, I love helping my clients most.


You are welcome in my practice in Arnhem (next to the train station Arnhem Zuid and close to the A12 and A50). But online sessions are a possibility as well. 


It is your choice to come to Arnhem or attend online, like it is your choice which therapeutic methods we will use. With or without hypnosis, NLP, the Uni-Lateral Improvement of Relationships, psychosocial therapy, cognitive therapy... it is up to you. If you do not prefer a specific method, I will choose the techniques that will help you most effectively for each separate session.


You are always in control of your own therapeutic treatment, whether we use hypnotherapy or different methods. 


Common help requests are trauma, fears, self-compassion, sleeping disorder, nervousness, doubt, shame, chronical pain, fatigue, PTSS, depression, personality disorders, relationships, self-confidence, IBS, decision making, leadership, identity design, and many others.


Just feel free to send me a message to see whether I might be the one who can really help you. No strings attached. 


I am looking forward to meeting you.


Online therapy

You can decide at any moment whether you prefer coming to Arnhem for your session or having your session from the comfortable surroundings of your own home in a video call.


If you prefer an online session, I will send you a link. Just click it, and you are in.

Qualifications and registrations

Registrations amongst others:
Register Beoefenaren Compelmentaire Zorg RBCZ reg. nr. 403428R;
Registertherapeut Nederlandse Beroepsvereniging van Hypnotherapeuten NBVH member nr. 06108;
SCAG reg. nr. 10035;
TCZ registration;
CRKBO / CPION certified teacher;
KvK nr. 09216663;
BTW-ID nr. NL001898448B09;
AGB practitioner code 90047401;
AGB practice code 90055993.

I offer therapy in


Coaching 45 minutes €97


Hypno- or other therapy 90 minutes €167

Practice on ground level.

Availability (Opening hours)

Monday 9-17
Tuesday 9-17
Wednesday 9-17
Thursday 9-17
Friday 9-17
Saturday 9-13 (only if there is no possibility on workdays)
Sunday -



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