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EMDR-hypno-psycho therapist, NLP practitioner, Breathwork, energetic therapist - Zaandam - Inge
Therapist Zaandam - Zaanstad
Schokkerlaan 11
1503 JN Zaandam
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Therapist Zaandam - Zaanstad

Since 2015, I am a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. I do EMDR therapy, breathing therapy and also Access Bars. Before I became a therapist I worked in medical science as a research technician. Here I developed my analytical skills as well as my English skills. (I lived 6 months in Canberra, Australia and 2 years in Toronto, Canada.)


I work from home and I offer you a homely environment in which you will be able to start your journey toward progress. I see all sorts of clients, suffering from fears, trauma, anxiety, depression.

Since 2015 I support people who lost the connection to who they are, that struggle with their lives, bump into many obstacles, people who notice that they’re avoiding certain situations or environments, people who feel it’s hard to deal with anything, that it becomes too much to bear, that cannot enjoy anything anymore.

Maybe something traumatic happened to you, maybe you recognize repeating patterns, maybe you feel that life becomes harder and harder and you don’t know why, maybe you feel lost.
In the end, it doesn’t really matter what the cause is that you’re seeking help for.

It does matter that you lost contact with yourself, this can result in various different coping strategies, such as:

Avoiding emotions by eating or drinking too much, smoking, overdoing yourself in sports, sex, work, or social activities, living in denial, prostration, walking away from reality

Using anger and aggression to circumvent the situation, by yelling, standing up for yourself and confronting the threat, feeling a knot in your stomach, being argumentive, experiencing a tight jaw.

hyperventilation, exhaustion, pain, inability to move or talk anymore, feeling overwhelmed

Please somebody else rather than yourself, pretending the other person is more important than you are, forgetting yourself.

You might even experience physical issues, like stomach aches (IBD), pain, hyperventilation, panic attacks. Our head seems to be in charge most of the time, but our body really knows everything.

Nothing happens without a reason. We have to learn how to connect with our body in order to obtain a balance. A balance in energy, in activity, in caring, being responsible, etc. We do want to be in control, or be happy, manage to do something that seems simple to others. We can only act on our limited knowledge and believes. In therapy we’ll discover your limits in believes and knowledge about yourself.

I will support you in restoring the connection between the body and the mind, help you acknowledge the signals from your body, like emotions, sensations, thoughts. Believes that you have about yourself and are the cause of your behavior. When symptoms become clear, and you become aware of them, you’ll be able to make a change. You’ll be able to understand what is happening and finally you’ll be able to cope and to anticipate the more difficult moments.

I will be like a lighthouse, and guide you along your path. I’m not the guide who only provides you with lifebuoys.

If you want to know more or make an appointment, feel free to contact me.


Qualifications and registrations

Education & registrations

  • 4 year Hypnotherapie en Psychosociale course including  NLPpractitionercourse
  • 2016 10 days ademcoach 
  • 2016 7 days PDS therapist
  • 2017 EMDR practitioner course
  • 2019 3 days SOLK, somatic unexplained physical complains 
  • 2020 2 days autisme in relations 
  • 2020 2 days Tininitus 
  • 2021 3 days polyvagal theorie.
  • 2022 2 days about menopausal complaints
  • EMDR therapeut- certificaat 
  • 2023 2 days systemic work
  • 2023 co-dependency training
  • Every year I do a training in EMDR, to update my skills 

I offer therapy in


I mostly see people who suffer from anxiety.

Wether it shows in co-dependency, eating problems, phobic behaviour, lonyness, avoiding situations or bullying, you want help.
And I'm here for you. I'll help you with regaining contact with your body.

People usually need 4 to 5 sessions.
Sometimes more, depending on the cause of your coping-behavior.


The top 5 of issues I support people with: 


-panic attacks

-low self esteem



A session takes about 1 -1.5 hrs and costs 120 euros.

On tuesday it's possible to schedule a session at 19.00 pm, an evening session costs 140 euros.

Availability (Opening hours)

Monday 9.00-17.30
Tuesday 9.00-21.00
Wednesday 9.00-17-30
Thursday 9.00-17.30
Friday 9.00-17.30
Saturday -
Sunday -



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