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Sheila | Gestalttherapist and Coach

Gestalttherapist and Coach - Amsterdam - Sheila
Therapy & Couples therapy Amsterdam
Rumbeke 6
1066 SZ Amsterdam
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Therapy & Couples therapy Amsterdam

I am Sheila, Gestalt therapist an Coach in Amsterdam.

I have been together with my partner since 1984 and we are parents of two adult children. Combining work with running a household together, raising children and also making time for our personal hobbies and friends is not easy. By trial and error, and in particular by continuing to communicate, we have a great life together. 


I was one year old when I came to the Netherlands with my parents in 1958. Indonesia and biculturality have played a major role in my life. It was not always easy to grow up as an Indonesian girl in a predominantly white environment. I learned that being ‘different’ can evoke both positive and negative reactions. Growing up, I gradually learned how to better deal with the bias and judgement I was confronted with. 


As a therapist, I aim to support people who have trouble being themselves. People who experience pressure from their environment as a burden when trying to live their own authentic life. My key life lesson is that I don’t have to ‘do it alone’.


I learned so much from family, teachers, coaches, therapists, trainers and mostly from friends. My life has been enriched and my world has expanded because others were willing to share their world with me. 

As a coach and confidential counsellor for the municipality of Amsterdam I have a lot of practical experience in working in a large organisation with a hierarchical administrative structure.I have been working for the City of Amsterdam as a youth policy advisor since 1999 and a confidential counsellor


In this administrative environment with almost 13,000 colleagues, I have personally experienced that it can be difficult to maintain your job satisfaction.

High work pressure, inexperienced managers, an endless series of reorganisations and relocations/renovations of my work environment are a continuous challenge to feeling happy when going to work. Additionally, every four years after the municipal elections, the political colour and direction of my policy assignment Youth changes. Nevertheless, I still enjoy going to work after 20 years.


In addition to my substantive work as a policy advisor, I get a lot of satisfaction and pleasure from coaching and supervising colleagues as a mentor, trainer and confidential counsellor.


My practice has a central location in Amsterdam Nieuw-West, between Slotervaart and Badhoevedorp.

Would you like to know more or make an appointment, feel free to contact me.


Qualifications and registrations

I completed my training at Dutch Gestalt Foundation, Training Institute for Gestalt Therapy. In 2015, I was accredited by NVAGT, the Sector Board for Gestalt Therapists.


Since 2010 I have been a confidential counsellor for the municipal authorities of Amsterdam. 


In the Netherlands, Gestalt therapy has been eligible for full or partial reimbursement by most healthcare insurers for clients of NVAGT accredited therapists.

My education and training

·         2018 Supervision Group Therapy Guus Klaren

·         2017 Working with Diversity (Marten Bos)

·         2016 Intervision and Supervision

·         2015 Basic Psychosocial Science SHO Con Amore

·         2014 Systems thinking for Gestalt therapists, Institute for Communication (IVC)

·         2013 Emotional Focus Therapy (EFT) Netherlands Foundation

·         2013 Working with Couples, Training by Suzanne Haest and Michiel van den Heuvel, NSG

·         2013 Family Sculptures, Gestalt configurations, Training by Marten Bos, NSG

·         2012 Basic training Confidential Counsellor, municipal authorities Amsterdam, KPMG

·         2012 Group Dynamics Training session, by Jan Standaert, Institute for Communication (IVC)

·         2011 Development Psychology, Psychopathology and DSM-IV, Training by Paul van der Zee, NSG

·         2008-2012 Gestalt therapist training, Dutch Gestalt Foundation (NSG)


Please find more information about Gestalt therapy from:
NVAGT = Dutch Flemish Association for Gestalt therapy and Gestalt theory
EAGT = European Association for Gestalt Therapy

EAP = European Association for Psychotherapy

 AGB codes: 90061216 and 90101709



Free of charge: 30-minute introduction session.


Individual therapy: € 75.00 ex VAT for a one-hour session. 


Couples therapy:

€ 90.00 ex VAT per person for a 90-minute intake session.

€ 75.00 ex VAT per person for one-hour follow-up session. 


Coaching: € 75.00 ex VAT for one-hour sessions. 

Group Coaching: € 90.00 ex VAT per person for a 90-minute session.


Gestalt therapy is reimbursed by most healthcare insurers in supplementary policies for alternative medicine. 


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She let me understand what the problem was

We had 5 sessions but she managed to let me understand what was the problem and go back to the center of the problem and work on it.

| Amsterdam | 1 Sep 2022
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